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Faculty Development News This Week:

Faculty Development

--"Toward a New Way of Thinking and Learning: Becoming a Learning College"

This League for Innovation article discusses how one community college,Surry Community College in North Carolina, evolved into a learning community.
Becoming a Learning College

--Communicating Diversity in Higher Education
If you are looking for some ideas on diversity for your classroom, this digest is an interesting resource.
This link will take you to a pdf. file (24 pages).
Diversity Digest Archival issues of this digest are also available.

--The Challenge of Teaching Introductory Courses
Probably one of the most challenging teaching assignments for an instructor is introductory courses in a discipline. Likewise, probably no class is more important for students in a discipline than the introductory course. This article addresses how teachers can meet this challenge.
The Challenge of Teaching Introductory Courses

--Teaching Portfolios
Interested in creating your own electronic portfolio? CTL/MNSCU
offers a free portfolio platform. Check it out at
E-Folio Minnesota. Jim Deacon, Rob Harris, and Colette Wanless-Sobel can offer campus assistance with porfolio orientation. For a sample portfolio (mine!), click on the link below.

E-Folio Minnesota, Colette Wanless-Sobel



The Instructional Use of Learning Objects
Hmmm. Learning objects. Technological hype? Read this full text book for free and decide.
The Instructional Use of Learning Objects

Blog Grab Bag

--Diversity in the Classroom
This site, Diversity Web, is produced by education professionals dedicated to advancing campus diversity work throughout postsecondary education. The DiversityWeb project is housed within the Office of Diversity, Equity and Global Initiatives at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).
Diversity Web

--The National Book Foundation
October is National Book Month. Check out this site of the National Book Foundation:
National Book Foundation.

--Bioscience Literacy
This is an educational web site created to promote bioscience literacy by examining issues such as biodiversity, genomics, biotechnology, and evolution.
Action Bioscience

--Educational Materials, Multi-Disciplinary
"The Gateway to Educational Materials is a consortium effort to provide educators with quick and easy access to thousands of educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites. " This site is sponsored by the Department of Education:

No, not the wine. MERLOT stands for Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and OnlineTeaching. There are a lot of goodies on this site.

--Spanish Resource
The Centro Virtual Cervantes website offers a collection of readings for Spanish students. The readings are classified as beginning,(an intermediate proficiency level), intermediate, and advanced levels.
Centro Virtual Cervantes.

--French Resource
"Vous devez aider cette oie à rentrer chez elle en répondant à des questions sur la langue française. Choisissez votre niveau et le thème qui vous intéresse ..." Voila!

--ESL Cafe
"A staple for ESL professionals and their students. Games, exercises, links, chats, job information for teachers and learners of English as a second language."
ESL Cafe

--Student Resource for Writing Research Papers
This is a teaching tool designed by University of Minnesota librarians. All a student needs to do is input her / his research paper date due, the date for starting work on the paper, and the subject area of the assignment, and the tool will map out a day by day plan for researching and producing a research paper.
Assignment Calculator.

--The Coalition Provisional Authority-Iraq

This is the Web site for the provisional government in Iraq.
Coalition... Iraq

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