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Faculty Development News This Week:

CTL at Inver Hills

--Inver Hills Faculty Roundtable

"الانتصار من الظالم : أخذ الحق منه" is Arabic for "avenging oneself on the unjust." Come hear Doug Knapp address Al-Qaeda's rationale and motives at the first- of- the- academic- year Faculty Roundtable, October 2, Thursday, 12:30-1:30 PM. Location: Conference Room B, Student Center. A light luncheon will be served. Please R.S.V.P. by clicking Comments above.

Teaching Resources

--Active Learning

Active Learning in the College Classroom.

--Co-operative Learning

Co-operative Learning.

--Instructional Theory

Explorations in Learning & Instruction

--Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning: An Introduction

--The Future of Higher Education: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It

This is the title of a CD-ROM from the National Educational Association (NEA). I acquired one copy for the college, which I shall pass on to Joan Costello. People interested in viewing the CD-ROM should make circulation arrangements with administration.

--Managing Disruptive Students

Disruptive student behavior is behavior that interferes with the educational process of other students or prevents faculty or staff from performing their professional responsibilities. Here is an ERIC article with some suggestions on how to manage disruptive behavior.

Managing Disruptive Student Behavior in Adult Basic Education.

Call for Articles

--The journal Community & Junior College Libraries is seeking articles about library and learning resource centers in the 21st century. Librarians, faculty, and administrators are encouraged to submit articles. Topics of interest: new research, literacy projects, and plagiarism.

Community and Junior College Libraries

--Journal of Civic Commitment

The Community College National Center for Community Engagement is accepting articles on service learning and civic engagement for the second issue of their
publication Journal of Civic Engagement. The theme for the second issue is "Geographic Perspectives on Service Learning." For more information, see
The Journal for Civic Engagement

The Blog Grab Bag

--A virtual collection of more than 2,000 volumes of mathematical material out of Cornell University. This archive is fully searchable:


--National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15-October 15. Gale Research, an "information solutions company," is offering free access to Celebrating Hispanic Heritage.
Gale also is offering Spanish Community News, a bi-monthly E-mail newsletter
covering topics in Spanish-language studies and history, links to related news, and special features. You can sign up for the newsletter at E-Newsletter.

--Learning for the 21st Century Report

"The Learning for the 21st Century Report is the result of a lengthy and in-depth dialogue on improving education for the 21st century that was initiated by the Partnership. The Partnership reached out to hundreds of educators, academics, business leaders and employers to determine a vision for learning in the 21st century, to reach consensus on the definition of 21st century skills, and to develop tools to aid communities in its implementation. The model of learning outlined in the Report will help close the gap between what students learn today in school and the skills and knowledge required for success in 21st century communities and the workplace."

Learning for the 21st Century. Note: This link will take you to a PDF. File, 36 pages in length.

--Index of E-Books Available Online

An index for over 73,000 English-language book texts is available at Digital Book Index. This site requires
users to complete a simple registration form.

--"Faculty Development: The Hammer in Search of a Nail"

This online article argues for a targeted approach to faculty development.

Faculty Development.

--Online Resource for Journalists

Affiliated with the Columbia journalism Review, this site offers free research tools for journalists.

Power Reporting


Yes, that's right! A cow parade. Given the name of our blog, I could not resist sharing this site. CowParade.

Until next week!

Blog editor


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