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Faculty Development This Week:

CTL NEWS: Grants and Funds

CTL has made a number of changes to the guidelines, application dates, and CTL grant programs. CTL continues to offer the Learning That Lasts grant program and funding for Discipline and Program Workshops. The application deadline for Discipline Workshops is October 1, 2003. The deadline for Learning That Lasts is January 22, 2004. CTL will offer assistance in the application process or even come to Inver Hills to facilitate a workshop on grant writing. These grants will provide more than $300,000 for system faculty this year.

Click on COMMENT and express your interest in a CTL grant writing session on campus.


Article on whether to "e or not to e" :

Taking Face to Face Teaching Online

Web Design

--Interested in creating your own electronic portfolio? CTL/MNSCU
offers a free portfolio platform. Check it out at
E-Folio Minnesota. Jim Deacon and Colette Wanless-Sobel can offer campus assistance with porfolio orientation.


TOMORROW's PROFESSOR LISTSERV, edited by Richard Reis, Stanford University,
the Stanford University Center for Teaching and Learning. If you are interested in "desk-top faculty development, one hundred times a year," this listserv is for you.
Anyone can subscribe to Tomorrows Professor by addressing an E-mail to Do not put anything in the subject line, but in the body of the message, type: subscribe tomorrows-professor.

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