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Faculty Development News This Week:

Faculty Development

--Teacher Learning

This is Chapter 8 from the book / report How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School (National Academy Press, 1999).

Teacher Learning

--A Librarian's Choice of Faculty Development on the Internet

Click for a treasure trove of resources.

...Librarian's Guide to Faculty Development..



--"Responding to Student Papers Effectively and Efficiently"

This article is from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Responding to Student Papers....

--Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence, and why is it important? This article will tell you.

Emotional Intelligence

This is a 14-page PDF file.

--Collaborative Learning

This site is sponsored by the National Institute for Science Education, and although it is intended for middle school and high school students, the collaborative learning principles presented are applicable in a college setting.

Collaborative Learning

--Active Learning

This site is from San Diego State University.

Active Learning

Self-Directed Learning

The importance of intellectual autonomy for students.

Self-Directed Learning

This is a 31-page PDF file

--"How Experts Differ from Novices"

This is Chapter Two from the book How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School.

How Experts Differ from Novices

--Peer- Led Team Learning (PLTL)

What is peer-led team learning?

"The PLTL Workshop model engages teams of six to eight students in learning sciences, mathematics and other undergraduate disciplines guided by a peer leader. The PLTL Workshop model provides an active learning experience for students; creates a leadership role for undergraduates; engages faculty in a creative new dimension of instruction."

Peer5-Led Team Learning

Reinventing Undergraduate Education

Although this report is directed to the undergraduate experience at research institutions, its recommendations have applications to all post-secondary institutions.

Reinventing Undergraduate Education

--It's a Start!

A professor at North Carolina State University provides some insights into launching a course at the beginning of a term.

It's a Start!

Online Instruction

The Theory and Practice of Online Learning

The Theory and Practice of Online Learning, edited by Terry Anderson and Fathi Elloumi, "is concerned with assisting providers of online education with useful tools to carry out the teaching and learning transactions online. It presents, in an easily readable form, the theory, administration, tools, and methods of designing and delivering learning online."

The entire book is available online:

Theory and Practice

--Harvard's Education with New Technologies (ENT)

"The ENT is a networked community designed to help educators develop powerful learning experiences for students through the effective integration of new technologies."


--Electronic Class Discussion

Some advice on how to conduct class discussion online.

Electronic Class Discussion

How to be a Good Moderator

This site has applications for online classes and Web site maintenance,

The Moderator's Homepage


--Web Instruction Online

A harbinger of things to come: online teachers for hire, a la carte.

Register any time to work at your own pace with an online instructor who specializes in Web design.

Web Instruction Online


--"Disability in Higher Education: From Person-Based to Interaction-Based"

Read the article abstract:

"The meaning of disability is analyzed from a conventional and an alternative perspective. Results of this analysis are applied to such higher education issues as institutional role, pedagogical expectations, and program quality. The article advances a view of disability as interaction-specific rather than personspecific, as arising when the nature of the academic task or instructional environment fails to support adequately the learning characteristics of the student. Within this view, learning environments (including teachers) have a primary influence in creating or preventing educational disability. Implications of this position for all students in higher education, not only those conventionally designated as disabled, are explored."

This article is from the Electronic Journal of Excellence in College Teaching, 5 (1).

Disability in Higher Education

--First-Generation College Students

This is a bibliography of resources relating to first-generation college students and their college experience.

First-Genereation College Students

--Demographics of Success

This article is from the Community College Review,Summer 2003.

Demographics of Success

"An Examination of Student Cheating in the Two-Year College"

This article is from Community College Review, Summer 2003.

An Examination of Student Cheating in the Two-Year College


"Is Accreditation Accountable: The Continuing Conversation Between Accreditation and the Federal Government

This report is from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Is Accreditation Accountable.

This is a 29-page PDF file.

Blog Grab Bag

--Philosophy Series

This series in philosophy is on a radio show called The Connection, from WBUR, Boston, affiliated with Boston University.

Click to access the audio files:
Summer Series on Western Philosophy

--Copyright Resources Online

This site is from Yale University Libraries.

Copyright Resources Online

--Ethics: Case Studies

This site is from Utah Valley State College.

Ethics: Case Studies

--"Earth Science as a Vehicle for Illuiminating the Boundary Between the Known and the Unknown"

This article is adapted from the Journal of Geological Education, 43 (1995):138-40.

Earth Science as a Vehicle for Illuminating the Boundary Between the Known and the Unknown

This is an 8-page PDF file.

--"Where are We: An Interactive Multimedia Tool for Helping Students Translate from Maps to Reality and Vice Versa"

This article discusses the application of a powerful map metaphor in a computer software program for organizing large bodies of complex knowledge.

Where Are We?

This a is a 10-page PDF file.

ABU: la Bibliotheque Universelle

This French site provides access to public domain French texts.


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