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Faculty Development News This Week :

Faculty Development Classes / Resources

--Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality (MVRC)

The MVCR series of online faculty development courses is designed to help faculty members acquire skills and knowledge needed to teach online. Fee-based instruction.

To find out more:

--Professional Development Resources

You can access a digital library at this site.

Online and Distance Learning Services

Learning Technology

--10 IT Goals for Liberal Arts Students

This article is from George Mason University.

10 IT Goals

--Learning Technology Events Matrix

Handy compilation of events from the Learning Technology Standards Committee of IEEE:

Learning Technology Events Matrix

--"Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as Lever"

This article is from the AAHE Bulletin, the American Association of Higher Education.

Implementing the Seven Principles


--Personalizing Pedagogy

Read the introduction to the resources in this link:

"There are many kinds of good teaching and good teachers -- just as there are many kinds of learners and learning. New applications of technology have made it possible to respond to different learning needs more realistically and intentionally. Now it is also becoming possible to enable faculty to improve teaching and learning in different ways. Information technology offers new options for matching diverse needs with diverse gifts."


Personalizing Pedagogy

--"Using E-mail as a Research Tool"

This article is from Social Research Update,Department pf Sociology, University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

Using E-mail as a Research Tool

--Teaching Well in the Diverse/Multicultural Classroom"

This article is from the AAHE Bulletin.

Teaching Well in the Diverse,/Multicultural Classroom

--Critical Thinking: What It Is And Why It Counts"

This article is a 16-page PDF file.

Critical Thinking

Online Learning

--Learning Networks Effectiveness Research(LNER)

"Sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, this research program aims to increase the quality, quantity, and dissemination of results of research on the effectiveness of Asynchronous Learning Network (ALN)."

Registration required in order to access articles. This service is free.


--"Integrating Critical Thinking into Online Classes"

This article is from the USDLA Journal, United States Distance Learning Association,

Integrating Critical Thinking...Classes

--Virtual Learning References


Virtual Learning References

--Online Learning Update

This blog is edited by Ray Schroeder, University of Illinois, Springfield and focuses on electronic learning news and research.

Online Learning Update

--Developing E-Learning Content

This is a treasure trove of resources for online learning. Although the site is Australian, the material is applicable and adaptable.

Developing E-Learning Content

--Training Cafe

Macromedia sponsors Training Cafe to provide resources for educators. Special section for higher education

Training Cafe

--The Importance of E-mail in Online Instruction

This article is from Syllabus.

Personalizing Pedagogy with E-mail

Open Source

--Advantages of Working Publicly or Privately

This is from Minciu Sodas, a co-creative think-tank founded by Andrius Kulikauskas. The debate is open-source vs. closed source.

Public vs. Private Work

Game Theory and Online Learning

--Exploratory Learning Through Simulation and Games

This blog hails from the Educational Technology Department at San Diego State University.

Exploratory Learning

--Video Game Theory: is an online resource for academic videogame researchers.

Blog Grab Bag

--Better Search Results Than Google?

Remember the blog posting on Grokker software, the "future of search"?
Here is more information on this search software from

Better...Than Google?

--What is a Metrosexual?

This is from Although this site is subscription based, you can acquire a free day pass to read the article.

Metro Daddy Speaks

"Partnering with Students to Avoid Cut and Paste Plagiarism"

Read the introduction to this article from the E-journal Low Threshold Applications.

"According to the Center for Academic Integrity, Internet based “cut and paste” plagiarism, (hereafter referred to as “C&PP”) is on the rise...."

What to do?

Partnering with Students

--Curb Cut Learning

Disability and user-access issues in distance education.

Curb Cut Learning

--Link for Cell Biology Animation

"If you can tear your eyes away from the mesmerizing graphics on the main page, you'll find a very detailed and comprehensive cell biology tutorial created by graphic artist/biologist John Kyrk. Kyrk's animations demonstrate all major aspects of cell biology: amino acid structure, DNA replication, transcription and translation, cellular cycles (Krebs, glycolysis, mitosis), photosynthesis, and so on. The tutorial's beautiful graphics and cool animations should make studying cell biology relatively painless for any student." (From The NSDL Scout Report for the Life Sciences )

Cell Biology Animation This site requires MicromediaFlash.

--Equal Access to Software and Information (EASI)

This site provides assistance in removing barriers to information and education technology for people with disabilities.


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