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Faculty Development News This Week:


--Service Learning and Civic Engagement Conference

The Community College National Center for Community Engagement is now accepting proposals to present at their 2004 National Annual Conference, Adapting to the Paths of Change – Service Learning and Civic Engagement, being held on May 26-28, 2004 at the DoubleTree La Posada Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

For more information on submitting a proposal:

Service Learning and Civic Engagement Conference

Service Learning

--“Participatory Research and Service Learning”

This article is from The Journal for Civic Engagement

Participatory Research and Service Learning

--”Changing Landscapes: Enduring Values”

Another article from the Journal for Civic Engagement:

Changing Landscapes


--The Rockefeller Foundation

The mission of this foundation is "to enrich and sustain the lives and livelihoods of poor and excluded people. ... [G]rantmaking is organized around four thematic lines of work: Creativity & Culture, Food Security, Health Equity and Working Communities." The site provides information about programs and current grant recipients, a history of the foundation, and foundation publications on subjects such as HIV prevention, inequities in health care, and nonprofit capital.”

Rockefeller Foundation

Online Learning


The document, Paving the Way to Excellence in E-Learning, has been produced by the National Learning Network (NLN) Materials Team, which is responsible for "commissioning and managing the production of hundreds of hours of e-learning materials that are delivered free to the learning and skills sector....The document covers important issues such as pedagogy, accessibility (both design and technical requirements), technical standards and quality assurance."

Paving the Way to Excellence

--Learner Motivation

This article is from Allen Interactions: Learning for a Change

Who Cares About Motivation?

--Sloan -C View

"The intention of the Sloan-C View is to provide you with useful information about online learning, commentaries about the field and pointers to more details about the work of the Sloan Consortium. The Consortium currently has approximately 613 active organizational members, including colleges, universities, consortia, and vendors."


You have the option of viewing issues in PDF format or Web page HTML.


--LTSN - Learning and Teaching Support Network

The Learning and Teaching Support Network
"promotes high quality learning and teaching in higher education through the development and transfer of good practices in all disciplines. The network consists of 24 subject centres based in higher education institutions throughout the UK and a single Generic Centre." There's no uniform design and content among the centers, but most offer news, events, and recommended links, and many of them include case studies.

--New Publications from the League for Innovation

The Community College Research Center at the Teachers College at Columbia University have recently released a number of new publications. Check them out:

League for Innovations Publications


“The special focus of this website is character development in college ... how colleges and universities influence, both intentionally and unintentionally, the moral and civic learning and behaviors of college students." Provides featured journal articles, public diaries of college presidents, recommended reading, research studies, and resources on college student creeds, spirituality, leadership, and other character development topics. Searchable. From the Center for The Study of Values in College Student Development at Florida State University.”

Useful resource.

Journal of College and Character

Blog Grab Bag

--Complexity Digest

Interesting source, although access to articles is by subscription / fee- based.

Complexity Digest

--Emergence: A Journal of Complexity Issues in Organizations and Management

This is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to "managerial cognition" and leadership. Volume 1(1999) is available free online; otherwise, access to material is by subscription or fee-based.


--HBS Working Knowledge: Research Notebook

Working Knowledge "offers tips, techniques, and observations about business research. It is written by the staff of Baker Library at Harvard Business School." Recent topics including researching telecommunications, bankruptcies, labor statistics, and corporate governance.

--The Kept-Up Academic Librarian

The Keptup Librarian
helps academic librarians keep up with news and developments in higher education." Authored by Steven Bell, Director of Gutman Library at Philadelphia University.

--ThinkCycle:Open Collaborative Design

ThinkCycle is "an academic, non-profit initiative engaged in supporting distributed collaboration towards design challenges facing underserved communities and the environment. ThinkCycle seeks to create a culture of open source design innovation, with ongoing collaboration among individuals, communities and organizations around the world."

Find out more:


--Dave Brubeck

This companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) documentary about jazz musician Dave Brubeck features biographical information, reviews of his music, transcripts of interviews with Brubeck, and background on the documentary. Includes music clips, a reading list, related Web sites, and a quiz.

Dave Brubeck

--The Road to Resilience

“This brochure ... focuses on developing and using a personal strategy for enhancing resilience," which is "the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stress." Discusses ways to build resilience, maintain flexibility, and learn from past experiences." From the American Psychological Association (APA).

The Road to Resilience

--Grokker Search Engine

Grokker is a meta searcher and browser produced by Groxis that allows you to “dive into the information in a visual form with a different metaphor.”

Here is the promotional literature:

Unlike other similar systems, Grokker isn't a plug-in or a website that produces graphical output. It's a program that is installed in your computer and acts as an alternative to the usual browser. Grokker has a series of options that allow us (at this moment) to classify and visualise information from

* Our hard disk or whatever one connected to the local area network.
* Internet, as a meta searchers using the output from AltaVista, MSN, WiseNut, Fast, Yahoo, and Teoma,
* the products available at

Free trial version available.


--The Unicorn Tapestries

"The Unicorn Tapestries are among the most popular attractions at The Cloisters, which houses part of the Metropolitan Museum's splendid collection from medieval Europe." This site presents detailed images and information about the flora, fauna, clothing, and symbolism of these seven textile artworks depicting a unicorn hunt. Also provides information about the weaving process and the Cloisters branch of the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art, videos, and a bibliography.

Unicorn Tapestries

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