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Faculty Development News This Week:


The Sun Conference, El Paso, Texas, March 4 and 5, 2005

Conference topic: What are Students Learning-- and How Do You Know?

The focus of the conference is on practical, applied strategies, tools, and techniques. All university faculty, instructional staff, instructional developers, and administrators are invited to share their innovative teaching practices, and to explore with their peers transformative college and university teaching methods.

This year's theme "What are your students learning-and how do you know?" will allow SUN Conference participants to explore new ways of assessing the real outcomes of their teaching efforts. When we teach, we aim to change our students, but it is not always easy to know when we have achieved our goals. This conference will provide ideas on how teaching strategies, assignments, technologies and various forms of feedback can help us to refine our work with students so that they can best achieve the learning goals we have for them.

Because the SUN Conference takes place on the border between Mexico and the United
States, it is a bilingual conference. Proposals are accepted in Spanish or in English. Participants submitting proposals in Spanish will have the option of presenting in either language. Please be explicit in your proposal whether the session will be conducted in Spanish or in English.


La "Conferencia del Sol" es una conferencia bilingüe porque es llevada a cabo en la
frontera entre México y Estados Unidos. Propuestas son aceptadas en Español o Inglés.
Los participantes que envian propuestas en Español tendrán la opción de presentar en
cualquiera de los dos idiomas. Favor de indicar explícitamente en su propuesta si la
sesión será hecha en Español o Inglés.

Sun Conference


--A Look Inside a Learning College

This article is from CenterPoint, a publication of the American Council on Education.

A Look Inside a Learning College

--Change Management

Read a summary of this article on change:

The introduction of technology, increasing needs of society and the growth of global organizations trading in goods, knowledge and expertise has increased the need for, and frequency of, change. Although the majority of people are resistant to change, more and more are finding themselves affected by it and having to come to terms with the issues and benefits it brings. Effective change management cannot therefore be underestimated and its implementation needs considerable thought and commitment by senior managers. This paper discusses some of the issues surrounding change management and highlights some simple techniques commonly used.

Change Management

This is a 15-page PDF file.

This source acquired from What's New at the E-Learning Centre12 October 2004.

Online Education

--Categories of E-Learning

This wonderful mind map is from an article by George Siemens in his current issue of
eLearning Resources and News,18 October 2004.

Categories of E-learning

Highly recommended.

--U.S. News and World Report E-Learning Directory (Updated, October 24)

Read what this directory is all about:

The number of institutions offering courses and degrees taught via E-learning technologies grows rapidly every month. To help you navigate this expanding universe, we've created a searchable directory of E-learning providers, institutions that offer courses, certificates, and degrees via Internet, video, CD-ROM, and other distance-education technologies.

E-Learning Directory

--PowerPoint: No! Cyberspace: Yes!


Using PowerPoint in the classroom doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. It does, however, mean that your emphasis is on the quality of your presentation rather than your students' learning.


This rescource acquired from the blog Contentious, 10 October 2004.

Libraries/ Knowledge Management

--Data vs. Metadata?

Read the introduction to this article:

There used to be a difference between data and metadata. Data was the suitcase and metadata was the name tag on it. Data was the folder and metadata was its label. Data was the contents of the book and metadata was the Dewey Decimal number on its spine. But, in the Third Age of Order (see the previous issue), everything is becoming metadata.

Data vs. Metadata


--The Alphabet in American Sign Language

This site not only provides an alphabet template in American Sign, but you can also see fingerspelling in action.

The Alphabet in American Sign Language


--The Other 80%

Although this article is addressed to learning in work environments, there are useful concepts here about teaching applications and holistic learning--learning all the time, not just in the classroom.

The Other 80%

--Six Criteria of an Educational Simulation

Key elements of educational simulations.

Six Criteria

This is an 11-page PDF file.

--Less is More: Designing an Online Course


Someone developing an online course needs to go from being the center of attention to being someone on the sideline. The catchy way others have expressed this goes like this: Don't be a sage on the stage, but a guide by the side.

Less is More

--Fashioning the Emperor's New Clothes: Emergimg Pedagogy and Practices of Turning Wireless Laptops into Classroom Literacy Stations

This article is from the Fall 2004 issue of Kairos.

Fashioning the Emperor's New Clothes


--Goal Setting Strategies

Read the introduction to this site:

Welcome to the Web's leading site for setting and managing all of your personal and professional goals. walks you through a simple, step-by-step goal-setting process for any goal, whether it's short-term or long-term, easy or difficult, practical or lofty. We also provide pre-made GoalPlans® for popular goals, to get you started even faster.

Once you've set a goal, we'll send you email reminders that arrive precisely when you should be working on each task. keeps you focused and on track until you accomplish your goal.

Free newsletter available.

--S.A.V.E. / Suicide Prevention

SAVE's Mission is to prevent suicide through public awareness and education, eliminate stigma and serve as a resource to those touched by suicide.

Fast Facts:
--More people die from suicide than from homicide.
--Suicide rates among the elderly are highest for those who are divorced or widowed.
--For young people 15-24 years old, suicide is the third leading cause of death.
-- 80% of people who seek treatment for depression are treated successfully.


--The Lost Boys

This article addresses how to reach 18-34 year old males from an advertising perspective. Useful demographic information contained here.

This article is from Wired Magazine, August 2004.

The Lost Boys

--Gender Equity in Higher Education: Are Male Students at a Disadvantage?

The title of this article says it all.

Gender Equity

This is a 10-page PDF file.


--Macromedia Captivate

Macromedia Captivate (formerly RoboDemo) automatically records all onscreen actions and instantly creates an interactive Flash simulation. Point and click to add text captions, narration, and e-learning interactions without any programming knowledge.

Use Captivate to create engaging, interactive educational content. Simulations allow your students to interact with content.


eVolt.orgis a world community for web developers, promoting the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences.

What "evolt" means: "evolt" combines the best elements of evolution, revolution, with a bit of voltage thrown in for good measure. "evolt" embodies goals and enthusiasm!



This is really neat. Read on:

Wondir is designed to help people find practical, focused answers to questions, with an emphasis on connecting people who have questions with other people who can provide needed help. These experts, tutors, mentors, enthusiasts, and peers might be volunteering on their own or as part of an organized online help program, such as an AskA service, government or social service, corporation, civic group, professional association, university, school or library.

In addition to live resources, Wondir utilizes FAQs, stored Q&As and other searchable web resources. Relevant human resources are integrated into the results and featured.

We think of Wondir as the blending of a universal search engine and a universal message board enlivened with real time communication. Wondir is uniting Search and Community - two pillars of the Internet that have not yet lived up to their potential - by making human help accessible and as simple as asking a question of a search engine.

Free, too!


--Windows XP Icons

Take a look at all the icons offered. Here are two:


Seriously, though, InterfaceLIFT is useful for not only icons but wallpaper and themes. Read some more about this site:

InterfaceLIFT, your source for graphical user interface enhancements for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. We specialize in desktop wallpaper, icons, themes, and news with a focus on community. New content is posted virtually every day so make sure to bookmark us and come back often.

Windows XP Icons


Onfolio is a PC application for collecting, organizing and sharing information you find online. Fully integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Office, Onfolio has tools for capturing a wide range of content including links, text snippets, images, web pages, and documents. Onfolio lets you organize and find captured content quickly and easily. And with Onfolio, you can easily share your research in documents, presentations, emails, and research reports.

30-day free trial.



This is a free wiki platform.


--Expression Engine

This is a cutting-edge blogging tool. 30-day trial for $10.00.

Expression Engine

--Opera Show Software

Read the promotional literature:

Turn your browser into an advanced presentation tool using Opera Show, an impressive feature of the Opera browser. Learn to master Opera Show and save work and hassle when giving presentations from your computer!

Compared to other popular presentation tools (such as Microsoft PowerPoint), Opera Show has several advantages:

It is a standard feature of a small and fast Web browser.
It uses HTML as the document format, which makes the files lightweight compared to proprietary formats used by other tools.
It makes publishing your presentation on the Web a breeze.
Compared to other presentation tools, Opera is inexpensive.
It will not annoy your audience with tacky animations .

Free trial download.



What on earth is Toogle? Read on:

Toogle is a Text version of Google's Image Search. Currently it creates images out of the very term that was used to fetch those images, later we will endeavour to create images out of the search terms entered by users past and present. But for now: please, go play.

You also might want to consider the disclaimer statement written by Toogle's creator:

This website is not necessarily recommended for children, minors, or other people of a sensitive nature, since it will most likely present content that might be upsetting. Still it was never my intention to pussy-foot around, and I don't intend on making the site any safer, the net is a big bad dangerous super-highway and if you get upset by images made from text then you might as well give up now.

I am not impressed, but I provide this site in the spirit of free circulation of infromation and ideas.--Blog editor


--Wearable Digital Camera: Philips KEY010

This fairly new product from Philips is a two-megapixel camera that does not have an LCD screen or a flash, and the pictures are not the quality of full featured digital cameras, but thatis not the point of this little camera. The Philips Wearable Digital Camera is all about having a tiny instant-on digital camera that is always with you and is always ready for some quick shots.

Wearable Digital Camera

This resource acquired from a post in Jeremy Zawodny's Blog, 9 October 2004.



This article is from KairosNews,a Weblog for discussing rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy. Posted 16 October 2004.



--College Debt Riser Faser than Tuition, Fee Increases

This article is from The Seattle Times, 17 October 2004.

College Debt

Understanding the Gaming Generation

Although this article from the Harvard School of Business has a corporate perspective, it still offers some interesting points about today's students.

The Gaming Generation

Blog Grab Bag

--Global Vote

Read the introduction to this site:

Even if you are not a US citizen, the November 2 presidential election will have a huge impact on your life. The very idea of democracy requires that you should have a say in choosing who determines your destiny. This site therefore allows non-Americans to vote in the 2004 US presidential election.

GLOBALVOTE2004.ORG is totally neutral. You may vote for any candidate. Your vote will be kept secret. And you may only vote once. We will count the votes 48 hours before the election and submit the result to the US media. Just letting US citizens know how the world has voted could influence what looks like a tight race.


--Make Money, Be Happy

This is a wealth calculator.

Wealth Calculator

--Global Rich List

What is this site about? Read on.

We are obsessed with wealth. But we gauge how rich we are by looking upwards at those who have more than us. This makes us feel poor.

We wanted to do something which would help people understand, in real terms, where they stand globally. And make us realise that in fact most of us (who are able to view this web page) are in the privileged minority.

We want people to feel rich. And give some of their extra money to a worthwhile charity.

Global Rich List

--Big Noise Music

Oxfam became the first UK charity to launch a legal download service, BigNoiseMusic, in May 2004. Users can download from a choice of 300,000 tracks and know that .10 in every 1.00 that they spend is going to help end poverty.

Big Noise

--Audio Files for Three Presidential Debates

Audio files courtesy of blog.

Presidential Debates Audio Files

--Noble Prize in Literature: Elfriede Jelinek

Noble prizes in other categories are provided on the site as well.

Noble Prize in Literature

--Lord of the Flies

This is an interactive game on the Web site.

Lord of the Flies

--The Big Try

Try something new for free!


Oxfam T-shirts

"Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty and suffering."

These t-shirts promote awareness for the organization and generate money for Oxfam work all over the planet.

One design provided below:

OxFam T-shirts

See History of Oxfam for more information about this organization.

This is the Web portal for United States government offices and departments.


--Onelook Reverse Dictionary

OneLook's reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word. Just type it into the box above and hit the "Find words" button. (Keep it short to get the best results.) In most cases you'll get back a list of related terms with the best matches shown first.

Reverse Dictionary

--Vikings, 800-1050 C.E.

This Web site is devoted to the history of the Vikings.

The Vikings

Until next week!

Blog editor

Detail of wall painting in the church of S. Angelo in Formis,
late 11th or early 12th century.

Image Credits
"Devil," 237 x 296 pixels - 18k ~english/brit.htm
"Diversity," 200 x 200 pixels - 5k 2003-04/spshedp.shtml
"E-Learning Categories, Mind Map," Commons)
"Miscellany," 227 x 71 pixels - 8k misc.html
"Nobel Prizes," 178 x 122 pixels - 7k dailyeditorial.html
"Online Education," index.htm_txt_wpe8.gif
238 x 215 pixels - 16k
"OxFam T-Shirts,"
"Oxfam Logo,"
"Ramadan," 400 x 300 pixels - 9k greetings/pictures/ramadan.gif
"Tools," 300 x 206 pixels - 10k predpics/tools.JPG
"Two Students," 514 x 365 pixels - 19k sept01/students.jpg
"Wiki," 219 x 143 pixels - 6k wiki/Wikipedia_mascot


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