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Faculty Development News This Week:


--Learning Through Discovery: The Power of Inquiry in the Construction of Knowledge

November 19-20
Sheraton Bloomington Hotel
Bloomington, Minnesota

Join other inquisitive minds at The Collaboration's Fall Conference on “Learning Through Discovery” with featured speakers Michael Dickmann, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Doctoral Studies at Cardinal Stritch University, and John Barell, professor emeritus at Montclair State University and consultant with The American Museum of Natural History. We’re also featuring a presentation on the brain co-presented by the Science Museum of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

The conference is packed with a rich assortment of preconference and concurrent sessions related to learning through discovery – inquiry, engagement, the arts, experiential learning, service-learning, problem-based learning, active learning, and more.

View and print the conference brochure and registration form as a .PDF file or view detailed session abstracts and much more in the online brochure.

Register by October 25th to receive the Early Bird rate!

Constructive Learning

This is an 8-page PDF file.

For more information about upcoming conferences, go to the The Collaboration for the advancement of College Teaching and Learning Web site.



A9 is the new search engine from

Read the promotional literature: is a powerful search engine, using web search and image search results enhanced by Google, Search Inside the Book results from, reference results from GuruNet, movies results from IMDb, and more. remembers your information. You can keep your own notes about any web page and search them; it is a new way to store and organize your bookmarks; it even recommends new sites and favorite old sites specifically for you to visit. With the A9 Toolbar all your web browsing history will be stored, allowing you (and only you!) to retrieve it at any time and even search it; it will tell you if you have any new search results, or the last time you visited a page.


--Firefox Browser

This is Mozilla’s answer to Microsoft IE.

Read the promotional literature:

The world's best browser just got better. The new Firefox Preview Release is the award winning preview of Mozilla's next generation browser. Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely, and more efficiently than with any other browser. Make the switch today--Firefox imports your Favorites, settings and other information, so you have nothing to lose.

Try it out.


Librarians / Knowledge Management

--Should Libraries Have Coffee Stands for Patrons?

“Do you want your books with regular latte or decaf?”

Should Libraries Offer Coffee Stands?

--Don't Mess with Librarians

Librarians rock!

Don't Mess with Librarians

This link is courtesy of Wired News 15 September 2004.

--Librarians: The Brainiest Professionals

Professionals in knowledge management are SMART.

This link is from the British Library: The World's Knowledge

The Brainiest Professionals


--Hispanic Fact Pack

Although this is put out by Advertising Age, there is useful demographic information here.

Hispanic Fact Pack

This is a 23-page PDF file.

--Lecturers Say Modern Students are Spoon-Fed

One perspective on student neediness in the classroom.

Modern Student are Spoon Fed

This is from IC Wales, the National Web Site of Wales,17 September 2004.

Educational Gaming / Simulation

--The Next Generation of Educational Engagement

Games are no longer just for fun; they offer potentially powerful learning environments. Today's students have grown up with computer games. In addition, their constant exposure to the Internet and other digital media has shaped how they receive information and how they learn. There are many attributes of games that make them pedagogically sound learning environments. An increasing number of faculty are using games as enhancements to the traditional learning environment with encouraging results. While the interactivity and engagement of games are highly positive a number of questions remain about how games will be developed, deployed and accepted in higher education.

Educational Engagement

This is an 18-page PDF file from Journal of Interactive Media in Education



zillivisation wants to encourage advanced users to convert their relatives, friends, co-workers etc. to use Mozilla products.

Down with Internet Explorer,up with Firefox or the Mozilla Suite!


--Innovative Technology Awards

See cutting-edge technology.

Innovative Technology Awards

This link is from Computer World, 13 September 2004.

Service Learning / Civic Engagement

--Moving Ideas

Moving Ideas Network (MIN), formerly the Electronic Policy Network! MIN is dedicated to explaining and popularizing complex policy ideas to a broader audience. Our goal is to improve collaboration and dialogue between policy and grassroots organizations, and to promote their work to journalists and legislators.

Moving Ideas posts the best ideas and resources from leading progressive research and advocacy institutions, as well as promotes high-quality websites and publishes original content. We hope to strengthen democratic participation by providing a more inclusive and intelligible debate about the issues that shape our world.

Moving Ideas

--Community Based Research

Ideas and resources for community problem-solving and civic engagement.

Community Based Research

--One World United States is a global community of over 1600 organizations working together for human rights and sustainable development. Free subscription.


--Workplace Strategies Initiative

Workforce Strategies Initiative (WSI) identifies and advances strategies that help low-income Americans gain ground in today's labor market. To that end, WSI engages in applied research, facilitates dialogue, disseminates findings and shares new ideas.

WorkPlace Strategies

--Democracy in Action

The mission of Democracy in Action is to develop and promote tools and infrastructure that facilitate the growth and vitality of organizations and networks who share ecological and social justice values by enhancing their ability to reach and facilitate individual participation in the democratic process. We provide tools to strengthen civil society by enabling people to connect, communicate, take action, and organize in a manner that is consistent with the highest principles of democracy and supports the sustainable restoration and stewardship of our country and our planet.

Democracy in Action

--The Civic Mission of Schools

Although this is geared toward K-12 curricula, the theoretical frameworks are applicable to post-secondary students as well. Links to resources.

The Civic Mission of Schools

--Open-Source Democracy

This is an E-book published by Project Gutenberg . The author Douglas Rushkoff argues for open-access to knowledge and information in order to promote civic engagement.

Here is an excerpt from the Introduction:

The emergence of the interactive mediaspace may offer a new model for cooperation. Although it may have disappointed many in the technology industry, the rise of interactive media, the birth of a new medium, the battle to control it and the downfall of the first victorious camp, taught us a lot about the relationship of ideas to the media through which they are disseminated. Those who witnessed, or better, have participated in the developmentof the interactive mediaspace have a very new understanding of the way that cultural narratives are developed, monopolized and challenged. And this knowledge extends, by allegory and experience, to areas far beyond digital culture, to the broader challenges of our time.

Read the entire book:

Open-Source Democracy

This source acquired courtesy of wwwtools.

Read the promotional literature for this neat site: allows users to:

*Identify and contact elected leaders in Congress, the White House, and state legislatures
* Post letters online in Letters to Leaders and read what other Americans are saying to elected officials
* Create and post Soapbox action alerts to enlist others on your issue.
*Have letters printed and hand-delivered to Congress (there is a fee for this Extra Impact service)
*Find and contact local and national media by ZIP code or by state with Media Guide
*Have your representative's votes sent to you weekly via e-mail with MegaVote
*Search alerts and take action in the Issues and Action area (contact Capitol Advantage to get your organization's alerts on, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and more sites).

This link also courtesy of

--Register to Vote

This link allows voter registration online.

Register to Vote

Blog Grab Bag

Remember the old game "20 questions" where you'd think of an object and your friends would have to guess that object by asking you 20 yes or no questions? Well, thanks to some really frightening artificial intelligence, you can now play 20 questions against a computer. And more likely than not, the computer is going to guess your object. No, really.*

To play 20 Questions against a computer, go to

*This quote and link acquired from The Internet Tourbus .

--Shakespeare Early Texts Online

The texts on this site date from Shakespeare's lifetime and are pamphlet editions of plays prepared to be sold after performances had finished. The printed works show how the text evolved and cast doubt on the idea of definitive versions of his plays.

Shakespeare Online

This link courtesy of BBC News, 10 September 2004.

--Statistics Glossary

This link provides definitions of terminology in statistics.

Statistics Glossary

--Historical Hurricane Track

This interactive map will automatically plot the location of active storms. You can also use 'Quick Plot' to enter your own coordinates. Click on the 'Storm Archive' to see the path of any storm since 1900." Uses ShockWave.

Hurricane Track

--In the Fray

INTHEFRAY.COM describes itself as 'an online magazine devoted to issues of identity and community.' In light of the remarkable economic and social changes really upheavals occurring in the world today, that mission can only be called ambitious. The magazine's dedicated journalists set their sights on the frontlines where identity and community are undergoing tremendous flux, climbing into the trenches to give a voice to often invisible movers and shakers, or just plain strugglers. At a time when nuanced analysis of critical issues suffers in a toxic environment of ideological ranting and corporate coziness, INTHEFRAY.COM provides a forum for genuine informed discussion on the Internet, which has assumed an increasingly significant role in creating a space for dissent.



Interpret news and current events, using online documentation of facts.


--We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People

This is a book review of We the Media, whose author, journalist Dan Gillmore, contends:

My readers know more than I do-and that's an opportunity. It's a truth that journalism professionals are only just beginning to grasp. [R]eaders (or viewers or listeners) collectively know more than media professionals do. This is true by definition: they are many, and we are often just one. We need to recognize and, in the best sense of the word, use their knowledge. If we don't, our former audience will bolt when they realize they don't have to settle for half-baked coverage; they can come into the kitchen themselves.

Read more:

We the Media

This link is from MindJack, 16 August 2004.

--Human Rights Campaign

This site promotes gay, lesbian bisexual, and transgender rights.

Human Rights Campaign

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